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All-in-One Trade Show Management Software

ShowGo is a complete Planning Solution for your Trade Show Program. ShowGo was designed with the coordinator in mind, integrating all of your key trade show management tasks into single, centralized and easy to use solution. Empowering every employee to communicate, collaborate and excel over the complete event life cycle.

Created for trade show coordinators by trade show coordinators, ShowGo handles all the logistical details of planning for and exhibiting at trade shows. This award-winning software allows trade show managers to work the way they want. Now with ShowGo VirtualAssistant, ShowGo extracts vital trade show data from the exhibitor manual of upcoming events into your ShowGo database making it easier than ever to find, manage, and communicate trade show information.

ShowGo Benefits

  • Ease of use - Modeled after Outlook, ShowGo is the easiest software to learn and use.
  • Speed - Since the software resides on your network and the data is in the cloud, ShowGo works much faster than other web-based options where each click requires a browser refresh. Faster performance than any other system - this means you get more done!
  • One Shared Source - Simultaneously accessible to multiply parties. Limited views are also accessible to assigned personnel for viewing online.
  • Robust Software - Like other robust software programs used daily in business (Outlook, QuickBooks, Excel, etc.), ShowGo is software based to handle the robust nature of event management.
  • Secure Data - Keep your budget, expense and marketing plans secure and backed up every 5 mins automatically.
  • Powerful Reporting Engine - ShowGo allows users to run over 50 reports that can be customized to convert the data into valuable information so you can make needed decisions. You can print, export or attach reports as PDF, Word or Excel.
  • Time Saving - A lot of data is pre-programmed in drop-down lists; tasks, budget and expense items, airports, airlines, convention centers, major cities and many vendors, ROO equations, etc.
  • Efficient - Wizards and Templates built into the software eliminate redundancy and make trade show planning more efficient.

ShowGo Features

  • Hybrid Technology - Power of Software & the Connectivity of the Internet
  • ShowGo Mobile App - Easily communicate with personnel
  • Hosted on your network or ours
Trade Show / Exhibit Planning
  • Calendar and Event List
  • Schedule people, property and resources
  • Time-Saving Event Duplication Wizard
Exhibit Management
  • Enhanced Asset tracking / Inventory Management module
  • Task and Event Timeline management
  • Document Management
  • Robust Financial Module with Currency Converter
  • Manage Multiple Business Units & Budgets with Ease
  • Budget Templates
  • Over 50 Interactive & Customizable Reports
  • Extensive ROI Reporting & Marketing modules
  • Links with Outlook, Exports to Excel, PDF, & Word


See ShowGo in action! Click of the video thumbnails to see how ShowGo can help you stay organized

ShowGo Demo ShowGo Mobile ShowGo's Event Duplication Wizard ShowGo VirtualAssistant
ShowGo - One


ShowGo Features

ShowGo is the award winning trade show management software that's easy to learn and easy to use. It seamlessly integrates financials / scheduling / inventory / ROI, and reporting Learn why ShowGo is the best trade show management software for you.


Learn more about planning trade shows with ShowGo and why it's the best trade show management software for you.

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ShowGo in Action

Professional Trade show management software just got easier! Learn more about this award winning software.

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  • PC compatible (2Ghz processor +)
  • 8GB for memory (4GB Minimum)
  • 2.5 GB of disk space
SoftwareOperating systems supported: Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, all editions including 32 or 64-bit .NET Framework 4.6.1
Software CapabilityMicrosoft Office:
  • Office 2010 and Office 2013
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Internet Explorer 10+
  • Chrome
  • Firefox


Hosted Database
  • SQL Server Database hosted by Microsoft Azure
  • Backup created every 5 minutes and kept for 14 days
  • Triple replicated – Your db is replicated on 3 separate servers. If one fails, we will automatically point it to the second db without you even noticing or having to do anything, then a new 3rd db will be created
  • Regular maintenance: 24/7 Access
  • Disaster/Data Recovery, Security, Continually Monitored
Non-Hosted Database
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express with Advanced Services

Download ShowGo Technical Specifications

"Love ShowGo for budgeting.
Makes my job so easy."

Glenda Brungardt,

Tradeshow/Event Manager Hewlett-Packard Company

"Can I tell you what a pleasure it is working with ShowGo. I'm so glad I switched!"

Gail Hernandez

Gail Hernandez, "The Trade Show Maven"

"ShowGo has been the best software tool we have purchased in years!"

Patricia Beagen Roche

CMP Event/Tradeshow Manager Bio-Rad Laboratories

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Seattle Software's new product ShowGo VirtualAssistant won the Buyer's Choice Award for Hottest Product/Service at ExhibitorLive 2015.

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